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The beginning is the end is the beginning

Keira with flowers

Dear Keira, In the last month so much has changed, where to begin?  Let’s start with food, as that seems to be something we spend a disproportionate amount of time on these days: preparing it, portioning it, storing it, freezing it, defrosting it, serving it, squishing it, throwing it, grinding it into every available surface, scrubbing it out of every…

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Carrots vs. Cupcakes

Keira Eating

Dear Keira, Last week we celebrated your 6-month birthday – you with a fistful of steamed carrots (you can read more about that over here), and your dad and I with some tasty chocolate glazed cupcakes (for the record, I apologise for the obvious unfairness here and I promise to make it up to you when you are old enough…

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Time flies, when you’re having fun

Keira in green chair

Dear Keira, When you were barely a day old, the midwife at the hospital told me to cherish every minute while you were so small, because before I knew it I would look up and you would be a big girl.  When you were four weeks old, a woman at Starbucks looked at us together and told me she couldn’t…

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Keira the international traveller


Dear Keira, To Stephen Harper’s dismay, we finally managed to convince the Canadian government that you are in fact a Canadian citizen, albeit a second-class one (note: you will always be first class in our eyes!).  Needless to say, you now have a passport with arguably the cutest passport photo in Canadian history, and for a 4 month old I…

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More Halloween Cuteness


Dear Keira,

Since you were just so adorable in your Halloween costume, I couldn’t resist putting another little video together. I think it speaks for itself…

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Oh my god, you’re 12 weeks old


Dear Keira, Last Thursday you ignored our reminders that there’s really no rush for you to grow up, and you went and turned 12 weeks old on us. Ah, how time flies. It’s so sad to think that our memories of your first few weeks are already starting to fade a little, but luckily your dad and I are both…

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Playtime with Keira: Part 2


Dear Keira, Following on from my letter earlier this week, I wanted to show you more of the adorable and playful things you’ve been up to in the last little while. So, in the ‘Playtime with Keira‘ mini-series, here is Part 2. Part 2: Mirror, mirror, on the wall You discovered the cute little baby who lives in the mirror…

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Playtime with Keira: Part 1


Dear Keira, First of all, you’re probably wondering why I missed my deadline for posting last week. Well I hate to play the “blame game”, but you’ve just been so busy growing and changing that I’ve barely been able to keep up, let alone get a letter written at the same time! But I really can’t complain. This has been…

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First things first


Dear Keira, In the 9 short weeks since you were born, you have already experienced so many ‘firsts’. To name just a few: first bath first wedding first sleep through the night first smile first tube and bus ride first visit to the pub first gurgles and coos first tourist moment (gawking at the pigeons, people, and fountains at Trafalgar…

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Two-Four-Six-Eight! Who do we appreciate?


Dear Keira, Today is another big milestone – you are eight weeks old!  Unbelievable.  The last two weeks have been some of the most fun as you charm us with your adorable smiles (which you practise at every opportunity possible), and with your baby gurgles (which you have been using to hold longer and longer ‘conversations‘ with us). Your two…

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